Inside Sales Team
Call Center offers
a multi-channel
marketing solution.
Cost-effective way of communicating your product’s key message
to your most valued customers.

The Call Center is the 

core of our business

in providing a blend

of both inbound and outbound quality tele-detailing.


Field Force Supplementation
Our Tele-detailing Representatives
work in tandem
with your existing
sales team to
increase their impact.
Effectively manage
your Vacant Territories.
Our Representatives
will promote your 
product(s) in vacant territories and white
space areas.
We connect and
detail the "no-see"
or "hard to see"
Professionals to
further support
your sales growth.

We build a team

to complement

or supplement

your sales plans.

Multi-Channel Marketing

We develop and

execute innovative,

customized inbound

and outbound

marketing programs

to maximize the reach

your key target

audience with the

right message

through the right


Work closely with our
clients to design their
campaigns with
targeted messaging
to drive engagement. 
We will also focus on Healthcare Professionals in Clinics, Hospitals, Pharmacies and also at the forefront, your Patient audience.
Pharmacy Programs

Our multi-channel

pharmacy program

can reach a 

substantial portion of

your target audience

much quicker than



A multi-channel


program can target

hundreds of

pharmacists every

day, in a cost-

effective manner.


By offering
pharmacists a choice
of communication,
chances are your
important message
is much more likely
to be heard.